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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 22, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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oregon and cal also punched tickets. cinderella clearly harvard. 14th seeded crimson gave new mexico the early exit last night. it's harvard's first tournament win ever. the team knocked down 8 from beyond the arc and now the cream sin will look for second win at the big dance against arizona. and get this: mighty two seed georgetown losing to florida gulf coast at the half right now. before we go. our team's top five things of the day. number five. the 86-year-old crooner tony bennett says he is set to record a full length album swing album that is with lady gaga. says he can't wait. number four, a woman's house in texas burned to the ground after she found a snake outside. poured gas on it, lit it, and the snake crawled into the bush which caught fire and the flames spread into the house. seriously. number three, the power ball jackpot has grown to $320 million. i just learned my staff bought a combined 51
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entries. please know number 2. the shell casings from the shootout with this colorado parolee matched those use to kill colorado's top prison official. now the fbi is checking to see whether this is all connected to the recent killing of a texas county prosecutor. and number one, police have arrested two teens this 17-year-old and a 14-year-old boy in the shooting death of this baby in a stroller and the wounding of the baby's mother in georgia. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and ton this day in 1969. aclu became the first and only school to win three state ncaa men's basketball championships. that was the streak. with legendary coach john and roster that included future nba great kareem abdul jabbar. the bruins entered the tournament as a clear cut favorite. they survived a big scare from drake from semi finals. in the matchup trounced. injury plagued purdue.
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bill o'reilly up. stretch the streak to an incredible seven straight championships all under coach wooden. it was a three pete on the college courts 34 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, march the 22nd. mom's birthday. happy birthday, mom. see you back here monday. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> bill o'reilly has labeled several charges at you, sir, and your caucus. so i must ask you now. have you, once or ever been a kook? do you support the repeal of american capitalism? >> bill: since the far left media cannot defend the onerous taxation put for the by the congressional caucus. they are trying to mock it. this is no laughing matter. we have a follow up report. >> we are talking about millions of kids dying, shot down by assault weapons. he.
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>> bill: where was that russia during world war ii, congressman rangle? millions of kids? we will tell you about unbelievable and irresponsible political rhetoric. >> drove all snakes out of ireland and then they came into the united states and became nbc executives. [ laughter ] >> bill: looks like jay leno is out in nabs and another embarrassing high profile brouhaha. are you going gutfeld on the case. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the political rhetoric gets crazier. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. earlier this week we chat advertised michele bachmann about not being accurate about criticisms. her general point is correct that president obama is asking for shared
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sacrifice but does not seem to be participating himself. valid points are much stronger if you have the facts to back them up. enter our pal congressman charles rangle one of the oldest members of the house at age 82. mr. rangle wants to pass tough gun control laws. >> i cannot believe that politicians are afraid of the nra if they thought for one minute that the churches and the synagogue and priests and the ministers were saying hey, do the right thing and we have your back. we're talking about millions of kids dying, being shot down by assault weapons. >> bill: millions of kids. paging congressman rangel, the fact is that in 2011, the last stats available. 8500 americans were killed by gunfire. 565 of them children. so rangel weakens his own argument by being irresponsible. are we all getting this? when congress returns from its recess on april 8th. democratic senator harry
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reid will move forward with the gun control bill. it will not call for assault weapons ban. it wants universal background checks for gun buyers. now, that can be debated. there are legitimate pros and cons about it let's do that. let's have the debate. long past time for american politicians will to be called out. we don't need it. complicated problems to solve. deal with the facts. congressman rangel knows millions of children have not been killed by assault weapons in this country. another far left zealot congressman maxine watters well knows that 170,000 jobs will not be lost because of the sequester. despite her assertion. want to win the debate? wise up. be honest. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. my newspaper column this week is based on what i reported here on the factor earlier this week about the professional caucus. that group wants the following raise income tax rate for billionaires to 49%. to eliminate many tax
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deductions for high wage earners in america. to tax investment income at the same rate as wages. that means if you make money on a stock and you are a rich person, you pay half your profits to the government. there is a bunch of other stuff the cpc wants including massive amount of new spending. many folks including me think this would absolutely destroy the american economy. with me is david callahan from a liberal think tank. let's take the rate for billionaires. and then they want 45% for millionaires, right? number one, i don't quite understand. i guess billionaires and millionaires would have to hand over their personal portfolio information to the irs? that would have to happen, right? >> the idea here, bill, is that donald trump and his dermatologists shouldn't be paying the same tax rate. right now, after 39 percent, everybody who makes more than $400,000 a year pays the same rate. so, it doesn't make sense that a dermatologist making $425,000 a year pays the same rate.
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>> bill: why doesn't that make sense? you always have a top rate on anything, okay? so you want a progressive rate up to infinity, i guess. that would require the federal government to go into my house and almost do a cool could you legs of what i'm worth to put a onerous taxation on me. do you believe it's right for any of government to impossession a 39%, 45% on anybody. >> that's what lobled degeneres. >> i want to know what you believe. >> 1981 the tax rate. >> back to ronald reagan. >> top tax bracket was 50%. >> bill: nobody paid it because of the deductions and because of the tax shelters. >> believe me, there are still plenty of deductions. what the congressional black caucus is suggesting we go to the top tax bracket of the 1980s which i think was a pretty good period, you would have to admit, right? >> no. >> bill: i'm not going to
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admit to that because it's not relevant to our discussion. our discussion is does the federal government in a spree nation, and i emphasize free nation. has a right to take half your stuff. >> it worked for a lodge typing. >> do they have the right materially. >> the pcp, we give $5 million exemption when you you die. and then 65% on a death tax for people who make a lot of money. >> which, again, that was the rate back in the reagan years. what cpc is suggesting. >> bill: ronald reagan is the poster boy for the cpc. >> very high tax rates on the rich. >> bill: they were not paid because of all the tax dodges. raw socialist person? do you believe that socialist philosophy of share the wealth and then if you earn it you owe it to other people to give it to them? are you a socialist, mr. callahan? >> no. i believe the people who have done phenomenally well. the top 1%. they have seen their
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incomes twrip pell. >> bill: what is their obligation. >> help us get out of the hole of what we are in. >> bill: by giving half. >> going back to the reagan tax rates to get out of the situation we are in. of the other thing is $1 trillion for infrastructure spending. 7 million jobs when we need those jobs. >> gross domestic rate grew before the tax did you tell us and that was 29. we are in trouble after 9/11. once poment cut the tax rate and brought everybody down. the g.o.p. shot up. my theory is that your friends in congress who won't aappear from callahan had the guts to appear. it would actually hurt poor people because the economy is did you tell down by high taxation. how do you answer that? >> look at the historic
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record. during some of the highest tax periods. in the 1960's, we ha 70% top tax bracket. we had a booming economy. look. the rich have plenty of money that can help us out in this situation. to invest in this country's future. >> bill: i don't know if that's freedom, mr. callahan. we appreciate you coming on. in next on the run down, lou dobbs will reply to what you just heard and why americans are not eating out in restaurants as much. two criminal cases, philadelphia doctor charged with executing babies. executing them. and jodi areas on trial for murder in arizona. we're coming right back. both tylenol and bayer advanced aspirin are proven to be effective pain relievers. tylenol works by blocking pain signals to your brain. bayer advanced aspirin blocks pain at the site. try the power of bayer advanced aspirin. to get her oven baked taste straight from the microwave.
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clusters of pustules, pimples. i had this shingle rash right next to my spine. the soreness was excruciating. it was impossible to even thi about dancing. when you're dancing, your partner is holding you. so, his hand would have been right in the spot that i had the shingles. no tango. no rhumba. you can't be touched. for more of the inside story, visit >> bill: lou's the boss segment tonight. let's get to lou dobbs. this disturbs me he very much. i think the viewers understand i'm spending a lot of time on this. this is seizure. this is the federal government seizing wages, property, and let me just tell you something. my mother lives out in left
5:14 pm
town in the same house i grew up in, all right? >> great. >> bill: she has been in that house now for 60 years? okay. if i didn't pay her property tax, they would seize her house. she couldn't pay it, all right? because she doesn't have enough money coming in on social security. if i didn't pay it, they would seize my mother's house because of taxation. and you know what? there is plenty of people in that boat. and now we have more and more and more, and they mask it on the high wage earners. but it effects everybody, does it not? >> sure. absolutely. very quick example is obama care. $700 billion in new taxes kicking in this year that will be spread over 10 years in addition to the $1.3 trillion that is now the new estimate. this is -- these taxes are rolling out on everybody. not just high earners. and the idea that
5:15 pm
government, you know, i got a kick out of david callahan because he is a smart guy, works for -- that's great. but he is really saying that i'm entitled to your damn money. just because i have. >> bill: the federal government under president obama believes they are entitled. >> they believe it they are doing it. >> bill: because that's your fair share. that fair share thing is what this is all under. >> that fair share right now amount 25%. 25% of the taxpayers paying 95% of the taxes in this country. that is so screwed up. >> bill: other 75% pay taxes on everything else. >> sure, property taxes, sales taxes. >> bill: it's not like they are getting a free ride. that's where romney made his mistake. even people who make 40, 35,000. every time they turn around, sales tax, tolls, register your car, bang, bang, bang. >> i had asked and asked and asked much this
5:16 pm
administration, this white house, this president, the democrats in congress, what then is the number? what is the number you want? they won't answer. >> bill: they want everything. restaurants in the u.s.a. people dining out less. is this a pure don't have any money play? what is this? >> cut in disposable income. brought to you by another tax. that is the tax holiday, the payroll tax holiday that ended with the fiscal cliff is brought back and that is, according to the restaurant industries the reason that they have seen a sizeable fall. >> bill: like 7.5% rise. what was it it the payroll tax reinstituted to what? >> took 2% off of gross income. >> bill: 2%, i'm sorry. it's 2% and you say that's inhibiting people from eating out. >> that's what the restaurant association is saying. and they are right. they are looking at same store sales and they're off by 3 to 5%. >> bill: all right. so it correspondence with the social security tax.
5:17 pm
>> exactly. >> bill: gas prices, you know. americans cutting back on gas, right? he they're cutting back? >> they are cutting back. but it's important, even though these prices are high, they are 10 cents a gallon cheaper than a month ago. he this are 20 cents cheaper than a year ago. >> bill: sound like callahan with reagan. >> no. i'm talking fact. >> bill: we're driving less. okay? americans in general, correct? correct? correct? >> sure. >> >> bill: we're making more gas, right? >> making more gas. >> bill: the hamster that ran across four months ago and shut down four refineries that hamster is gone now. really we are cranking out all this gas. >> if he we are hamsters it's because of the first part we are talking about, taxes eating into all of our incomes. they are growing and the people are not even aware of it the 2% reinstitution of the payroll tax, that's also part of it but we have got to give these oil companies credit. >> bill: credit? >> 10 cents a gallon less than a month ago.
5:18 pm
20 cents less than a year ago. the oil companies. >> bill: now i'm with the socialists now. here i am now. we have got to give them credit. 4 bucks a gallon. it should be 2. >> four bucks a gallon. look where you are? you are a better off than a year ago or month ago. they are paying taxes by the way. >> they pay $80 billion in taxes. >> bill: we're paying it because every gallon of gas we use we get to send more money to the feds. >> it's a pass through but at least they are not general electric. >> bill: when you retire from broadcasting don't be on the board of texaco. you know he is going throb. lou dobbs, everybody. directly ahead a philadelphia doctor charged with executing babies. his lawyer says it's a racial thing. later jay leno out at nbc. whether jimmie fallon is better than leno. those reports after these messages. [ anouncer ] ihop in time square to compare
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charged with 8 counts of murder. seven babies pregnant woman. lawyer jack mcmahon says persecuted and prosecuted because is he black. joining us now from washington who are his cooper from the group projected 21, a conservative leadership network. i knew this was going to happen. you probably knew it was going to happen. this doctor if guilty stawnt to tell people what he allegedly did. >> this individual is accused of taking babies. six, seven, and eight morchts into term. having them born alive.
5:23 pm
and then taking sharp instruments and cutting their spines and their throats and then setting them aside. and, by the way, hiring teenagers to act as the anesthesiologist and other nurse assistants as well as keeping when the raid came some $250,000 worth of cash lying around. if this isn't preying on innocent people who are poor and uneducated i don't know what it looks like. >> found dismembered parts of the babies' bodies in vir use parts of this man's office. the evidence seems to be overwhelming that he did, when they charge with seven you know there are a lot more babies. he didn't do it seven times. >> all of his staff, except for his wife have come forward and testifying that this was something worse than like the silence of the lambs where he kept
5:24 pm
little trophy if is and parts trophies. and joked about a 9-pound child was born this one was big enough that he could have walked to the bus stop with me and gave no pity. no chance, no hope. this guy literally came in as a butcher and said to people in violation of the law, i am going to take these 6 and 7 and 8. you know. that's the point in life when you have picked a name out. you have colored the bedroom. you have had a shower at that point for the newborn child this kind of biewch butchery to be hidden behind the race card we at project 21 were offended that any person would be this depraved and dark of heart. >> bill: the lawyer too, making it a racial issue, poor neighborhood. after this guy because is
5:25 pm
he black and all of this is there any chance though that we're being unfair to this guy goznell and that he will be acquitted for these crimes? >> there is always, quote, a chance of that. the evidence here is overwhelming that this guy literally located. you know, it's the opposite of what his attorney said he literally located in a community precisely so that he could prey upon people. for him to say that he is being picked on because of his race when by all evidence it looked like it was poor minority people that he was targeting. this guy ought to be buried under the jail after they find him guilty and execute him. >> bill: we haven't heard much about this from the media the philadelphia local media a little bit there. none on the national level. if it's true that this guy was doing these things. and i call it executing babies because that's what it was, for money. why haven't we heard about it on the national media? >> well, again, this is another example of how the
5:26 pm
media is disserving the country. if this were the trayvon martin case, every single aspect about it we would be given information about it here, the media consistently says abortion good. abortion is free choice. they are never any problems. there are never any hassles. this house of 'paign and torture makes clear that too many people in the abortion industry live off the back of innocent people by lying to them both the employee and the innocent women who came through this process not stephanie angel that he was literally going to torture and kill their unborn children. >> bill: but i think we can't say that this is the norm in most abortion clinics. i'm not for abortion unless there is really a catastrophic effect on the woman. all right. i'm totally against it for birth control reasons or convenience reasons. i think this guy was an
5:27 pm
extremist. the pennsylvania authorities not, you know, real conservative, particularly in philadelphia to go after him this hard, this guy had to be an extreme. >> we're not talking about whether he is extreme or not. what we're asking is where is the abortion advocacy community condemning this behavior? >> they are not going to draw bad attention to their reproductive rights campaign. >> sacrifice children for their cause. >> bill: all right, mr. coorntion thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. gutfeld mcguirk and i pick some pinheads of the week there are surprises in the group. geraldo tellings us about jodi arias. will she be executed for murder in arizona. hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] we build things
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and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. >> geraldo segment tonight. we have been following the case of jodi arias charged with brutally murdering her boyfriend. the crime happened in mesa. charged stabbing 27 times. soliciting his throat and shooting him in the head. apparently she didn't like him. geraldo rivera is following the case. what's new this week? >> well, i think the biggest news is the fact that the defense psychologist richard samuels has just completed what i think is one of the longest expert testimonies on record. he basically suggests that jody diarias, the reason she can remember every detail of every sexual encounter she ever ha h. with the deceased travis al
5:32 pm
>> alisyn: election an der but cannot remember the moment she stabbed him 27 times or slit his throat or shot him in the head is because jody diarias suffers from ptsd. post-traumatic stress disorder much like the veterans coming home from the iraq war or afghanistan and she has partial, as a result, partial amnesia. as you you can imagine the prosecutor in the case juan martinez, who is extremely provocative and impassioned wasn't having any of samuel's remarks. he suggested that samuels had fallen kind of in love with jody diarias in all their 30 hours of interviews and as a result not being objective. samuels was also questioned by the jurors. arizona has this weird law where jurors can also ask questions. they peppered him also with 100 questions. also extremely skeptical i have a theory, bill. i think that samuels and
5:33 pm
the defense the defendant herself have laid the foundation for at least one or two of those jurors to portray her as the damsel in distress as compared to juan martinez, the prosecutor who is a bully, who is relentless in his attacks. who gives her no quarter. i believe you are going to have a situation where among that jury. you are going to have one or two who are sympathetic enough to jody diarias that they will never not only not get the death penalty, i don't think they will get a first degree murder conviction. bill. i think that that jury will be hung. the negotiations in the jury will take place. they will be very heated. they will be as prolonged, i think, relatively speaking as this trial has been. and they will come to it a compromise verdict either murder 2 or manslaughter, 10, 20 years in prison. she has already done five years. i have no doubt that there is no way that this jury
5:34 pm
can put this woman to death. >> all right. number one, i like the fact that arizona has a law where the jurors can ask direct questions. i like that. i think all states should consider that number two, you probably are right and that's depressing because we have, supposedly, a justice system in this country, but human life is not worth what it once was. everybody has excuse. abuse excuse, he did that, he did this. that's what lawyers do. create some gray area, a little bit of doubt. give the jurors who are not you know judgmental people. a little room to say oh no, no, no, no, no. even you as an attorney can do that rivera. even as polarizing as you can go in there and look the jury in the eye and go, you know, this young woman she was traumatized and she didn't mean to do it but she did it but give her a break. is that really justice? is the guy dead in a brutal
5:35 pm
fashion and now the woman could get out in five years if they give her, you know, as you say, if they compromise it down? really, is that justice? couple things what you said as far as arizona permitting to ask questions. this trial has already lasted three months and count it's, two more weeks to go. a four month murder trial is kind of extraordinary. >> it is. >> the second point is, you know everyone, the stockholm syndrome where a hostage. >> when shy was -- yeah, you know, i got it. >> i think that she's jurors must be feeling some of the sympathy. jody diarias has web sites devoted to jody diarias. >> what's her name in florida who killed the baby and threw her in the swamp and got away with it? >> casey anthony. i think they are remarkably similar defendants. >> there are nuts everywhere who won't admit that evil is in the world and that people do these things and they make an excuse and a lot of them get away with it that's not
5:36 pm
justice anymore. >> >> well, put aside whether or not it's justice. just here is the closing argument. your honor, there is -- or ladies and gentlemen of the jury, there is no doubt but that traverse alexander was very aggressive in these kinky sexual acts that he forced this this poor woman half his side to perform. what's the difference between aggression and assault. this man was threatening to her. can you imagine how a well-rounded emotional impassioned defense during the summation, i think it will be impossible for this woman. >> bill: if i'm sitting on the jury hearing that stuff it's a he he said, she said. nobody knows what happened. you can make up any excuse. now the woman has post-traumatic stress. lost a dog when she was two. you know, it's got to walk. i think that this nation is really getting away from
5:37 pm
fundamental justice. i will give you the last word. >> even the very savage nature of the crime i think can be twisted to work. >> bill: twisted is the right word. >> because she killed -- why did she stab him 27 times? she was in such fear that he would come after her. she had to make sure that he was dead. >> bill: all right geraldo rivera, thanks very much. it looks like nbc will be firing jay leno in another talent situation featuring jimmie fallon. gutfeld and mcguirk on that in a few minutes. into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i canet weather forecasts... all from here. in my mercedes-benz.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. two social stories on the docket beginning with jay leno. reportedly any want to replace him with with jimmy fallon. >> you know the whole legend of saint patrick's. became fascinating story. >> scientists say they are getting closer and closer doing jurassic park style cloning. things once thought to be extint could now be brought back from the dead. hope for nbc it could be turned around. >> mcguirk and co-host of the five are you going gutfeld. do you know lone know. >> yeah -- leno? >> we lived together in the 90's. it didn't work out because is he a satanist. i had no idea.
5:42 pm
>> bill: do you know the man or not. >> yes, i do. i don't watch tv at that time because i don't think appointment tv exists anymore. >> red eye. >> drinking and crying. leno is 62. in tv years that's 134. so they are trying to look for a younger demo. they should go to like a 14 or 13-year-old or perhaps honey boo boo. that's the way our culture is going. so, by your reasoning, you will be replacing me on the factor fairly soon. >> i'm going to be managing an arby's. that's my next goal. >> bill: so you say leno getting hosed here or what was happening? >> full disclosure, leno is about the only thing i like on nbc. >> nbc harbors this nexus of the smug sneaky liberals, everything from their nbc news division to brian williams, david gregory, entertainment. alec baldwin, tina fey, seth myers, "saturday night live" which was an arm of the obama campaign during the election. jimmy fallon, remember they
5:43 pm
pulled that stunt with michele bachmann coming out she is a lying b word. i don't like these people. i don't know if it's politically motivated. this is a disaster in the making. it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. >> bill: i know leno and i like leno. leno has been fair to us and he is good. i don't think it's a good move in the sense the way they are handling it gutfeld unfortunately is right for once in his life. they don't care about ratings anymore. they want little kids to watch at 11:30 at night so fallen gets the younger demo. the word tonight is that fox broadcasting might hire leno which would probably be a smart move and put him on at 11:00 after the nunes from 10 to 11. >> young viewers first of all. >> they're watches on the computers. >> reading tweets and playing youtube videos. >> bill: they are not there anymore. they have vanished. >> i don't know any kid, they do not sit and watch tv. >> bill: you know, this carl's jr. they don't have that on the
5:44 pm
east coast. big burger joint on the west coast. we have had the ceo on. he frankly admits i just want to sell giant burgers to guys. all right? that's what i want to do. he uses advertising like this. roll the tape. >> benjamin, do you like burger. >> look, i should be going. >> sit down, benjamin. >> okay. >> with the taste of bore bourbon. >> mrs. robinson you are trying to seduce me, aren't you? >> bill: this is so ridiculous. number one that's heidi clumm. >> the model. >> does anybody and you raise your hands out there think that she has ever eaten a burger like that? anyone? buehrle? anyone. >> that would be winona judd if she was eating the burgers the way they show it.
5:45 pm
>> bill: maybe roseanne barr we might buy that before she went veg. >> it is the size of a baby's head. physically impossible to get that into your mouth. >> do you understand -- i know you do mcguirk. you get the mrs. robinson. >> by the way, come up with a more original idea. they are taking two wonderful things which are burgers and beautiful women and putting them together gross you out. it's actually kind -- it's not appetizing at all. it confuses me because i don't know what to desire. >> bill: we don't want to have that situation where you have to make a call between heidi klum. >> taking a burg tore a movie. >> burger as big a baby's head. reference. >> it's not going to resonate the audience that he they are trying to sell burgers too. maybe paris hilton on kate upton. this woman is long in the tooth in this case she has got four kids from seal. why is she seducing this kid unless he was mark
5:46 pm
zuckerberg with a lot of money then it would make sense. it's kind of disgusting actually. it's a turn off. she is just. >> bill: i don't know if having a giant burger in the living room is a good thing. but, you know, what's interesting, the same audience that carl's jr. wants to buy their burgers is what nbc wants to watch jimmy fallon. i guess we will see this commercial if fallon gets the program on "the tonight show" because it's the same merge. see what i'm doing here gutfeld? try to tie it all together. >> you are blowing what's left of my mind. having a skinny model sell a burger is like having you do ads for peta, it doesn't make sense. >> bill: peta. >> animal rights. >> bill: i like animals. i'm an animal kind of guy. >> i have heard that. >> you like to eat them. >> bill: all right. would will be back, unfortunately with who are the pinheads of the week. we have three selections. and then we will have the tip of the day. some advice from me for nancy pelosi. coming right back. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> bill: back of the book segment continued tonight continue what the heck just happened. who are the three pinheads of the week? looking at -- no, no, no. let's begin with you mcguirk. your pinhead is? >> former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> this is why, roll the tape. >> i do not support gay marriage but i do support civil unions. >> lgbt are our colleagues, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. >> bill: so sincere. >> she looks like she is making a hostage tape. it looks like anderson
5:51 pm
cooper and ellen degeneres are off to the side pointing elephant guns at her taking pictures of her. it is so cheesy. it looks so phony. >> bill: almost every politician flip-flops on issues these days they're all evolving. >> she is in favor of every marriage but her own. she is the secretary of state. i want to know more about benghazi and not about bedrooms. i don't need to hear that i need to hear what's going on. >> bill: definitely a flip flop. gutfeld you picked bobby brown used to be married to whitney houston. dopey group 1953. >> voice to men. washed up singer, a druggy, a drunk, for all accounts a loser. got his third dui. went to court. he he was supposed to serve 55 days. got out in nine hours. >> why? >> because they claim as always overcrowding. this only happens though to celebrities.
5:52 pm
this is what drives me nuts. >> bill: so three dui convictions, mcguirk. and then he goes in on the third. and how long, 55 days -- >> -- yeah. >> bill: he is out in nine hours. that's not justice. >> not at all. >> bill: that's three times you are out. >> lindsay lohan of justice, that's right. i know the jails are crowded out there. that's part of the reason why they are letting out these -- >> bill: guy is going to do it three times he can kill somebody. he he is not learning his lesson. >> if you are a rapist. you know, you are castrated. if you are a driver, cut off his feet so he can't drive. >> cut off his feet? >> cut off his feet. this is why i'm not ever going to be in politics. >> you just sold your franchise the five and red eye to pakistan. they just heard that and they got we got to get this guy in here. >> how about celebrity island where we send all these celebrities to an island and we just leave them there. >> bill: my pinhead of the week. phil specter.
5:53 pm
now, why phil specter? he is in jail. he is convicted of second degree murder. whatever. he is there for a really long time. but he is on hbo in the form of al pacino in the sunday night. roll. >> did you kill lana clarkson? >> why would i kill that girl? why? >> you are going to jail for the rest of your life. >> i played this game a million times before. i know how the game is played. >> bill: now, this is why this is important. this guy is guilty, right? guilty, everybody? >> as sin. >> bill: he wants the court to believe in his defense in helen actress very fine attorney this woman he didn't really know who he met in some kind of sun set strip bar and took home got to his house and said hey phil do you have a gun so i can put it in my mouth and blow my head off? just that i would sentence him to 50. can you come up with something different? >> that and the richard
5:54 pm
simmons hair cut he supported in court, yeah. >> he gets out and 20 years. 19 years to life in serving. he is 73 years old. if you don't know who phil specter is in the 50s and 60's, he created a wall of sound. rock producer movie producer. they get pacino one of the best actors on the planet and best screen writers on the planet. i haven't seen the movie. i understand from the reviews it doesn't criticize spector that much. come on. >> this goes back to the bobby brown thing. over and over again spector has been allowed to do whatever he wanted for the last 30 and 40 years. he has pulled out guns when he is doing records and put guns to people's heads. they let him do it because is he a quote a creative genius. >> bill: something to that. you let them get away with it so many times. >> at least he is doing time unlike robert blake and robert wagner. >> that blake thing. i'm still stunned by that. you know. >> sure.
5:55 pm
>> bill: i took my wife to an italian restaurant, all right? and i left with my wife and we're sitting in a car and i said i left my gun back in the restaurant, which everybody does, you know, it's like keys. you just leave your gun back in the restaurant. and then he goes back to the restaurant and comes back and somebody shot him to death. just out of nowhere. not guilty. that l.a. -- going to commit a crime in this world, where do you go? >> l.a. or colorado. >> bill: bolder. >> but it is, you know, it's not -- this isn't what america should be. >> yeah. not at all. >> the women are punished more than the men in that lifestyle. the woman -- nobody even knows the name of the victim of the woman that died. >> bill: lana clarkson. >> she was a b level actress. >> bill: she is a human being. all right? you just don't walk up to somebody's house. you know, it's a good place to commit suicide.
5:56 pm
you got any guns to make this easier? come on. >> that's happened. >> bill: gutfeld, mcguirk, everybody, factor tip of the day. some advice from me to nancy pelosi. the tip 60 seconds away. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the mmand performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. during the mmand performance sales event. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do?
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bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it ... attention on site. attention on site. now starting unit nine. ... are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >>. >> bill: factor tip of the day, my advice to nancy pelosi. we would like too you become a premium member. monday, april 22nd i'll be holding a townhall meeting to talk about my up coming books. we're finding out amazing stuff about jesus and we'll preview for it. if you do become a premium member you get any one of my number of best-selling books free of charge. now to mail. howard, sun city, florida...
5:58 pm
>> bill: howard, come on. sergio... >> bill: you know that is thinking we should have sergio. thank you >> bill: not in the u.s.a. it's a secular expression of the religious expression. >> bill: you badly need a social studies teacher.
5:59 pm
>> bill: you are welcome, easter. spring doesn't have a good ring to it. harry in north carolina. >> bill: i believe there is a evil force present in the world. i directly felt it twice, first time at a murder scene in italy, some cult dismembered a woman. second time in africa where people were thrown off a cliff into victoria falls. very unsettling feeling in both of those places. pat foster. >> bill: i hope we are, pat. you better hurry. the show is portland, oregon and washington are 50% sold out in one day.